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Pest Smash Control, an entity company of STG

At STG Cleaning, we offer a comprehensive suite of pest management services to ensure your surroundings are free of unwanted intruders. With our Pest Smash Control service, we manage pests using strategic, safe, and eco-friendly methods. Our service includes:

General Pest Control (GPC)

Our General Pest Control (GPC) service targets a wide range of common pests including insects, rodents, birds and more. We efficiently protect your premises from pest incursions and perform regular treatments to maintain a pest-free environment.

Termite Treatment

Termites pose a serious threat to the integrity of your structures. Our Termite Treatment service involves innovative and effective methods to eliminate termite infestations and prevent their return, protecting your property’s health and value.


We provide Fogging services to control mosquitoes and other flying insects which can carry diseases. Using safe chemicals, we create a fog that targets these pests, particularly in outdoor areas, effectively reducing their populations and preventing their spread.

Mist Blower

Our Mist Blower service is effective for plant protection and controlling pests in larger outdoor areas. We use equipment that disperses pesticide in a fine mist targeting pests hiding in hard-to-reach places.


Frecon is our advanced pest control service using Frequency Conversion (Frecon) technology to repel pests. This innovative, non-toxic method is particularly effective for commercial spaces where traditional control methods might be a concern.

Corrective Soil Treatment (CST)

Our Corrective Soil Treatment (CST) is designed to protect your property from subterranean termites. We apply termiticides to the soil, constructing a chemical barrier between the soil and your building, shielding it from termite attacks.

At STG Cleaning, our mission is to provide safe, effective, and sustainable pest management solutions to ensure your peace of mind. Contact us today to book a Pest Smash Control service.

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Pest Smash Control
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