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Experience premium cleaning solutions offered through our Contract Cleaning services at STG Cleaning Services. Catering to various commercial settings, our contract cleaning provides a maintained and ambient environment on a regular contractual basis.

Our Services

  1. Office Contract Cleaning: Ensure consistently clean, healthy, and productivity-friendly workplaces with our regular office cleaning contracts.
  2. Shopping Complex Contract Cleaning: Uphold the impeccable cleanliness of your shopping complex and provide a comfortable shopping experience for your customers with our contract cleaning service.
  3. Building Facade Contract Cleaning: Regularly maintain the curb appeal and preserve the exterior appearance of your commercial property through our contract facade cleaning services.
  4. Hotel Contract Cleaning: Guarantee a pristine and inviting atmosphere for your guests by signing up for our hotel cleaning contracts.

Please note, residential unit contract cleaning is not available.

Select STG Cleaning Services for consistent, top-level cleaning solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Regular quality checks ensure that standards are upheld, contributing to a cleaner, greener environment across all settings.

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Important Notice

Beware of Recent Scamming Activity

We have recently become aware of a series of scamming incidents targeting individuals and businesses associated with STG Cleaning Services. Scammers are posing as representatives of our company and requesting payments without providing proper quotations or confirmations. We take this matter extremely seriously and want to ensure the safety and security of our valued customers.

To protect yourself and your business, please exercise caution when communicating with individuals claiming to be from STG Cleaning Services. Always verify the authenticity of any request by contacting us directly through our official channels. Never make a payment without receiving a formal quotation and confirmation from our team. If you encounter any suspicious activity or fraudulent requests, please report them immediately to our customer support team.

At STG Cleaning Services, we are committed to providing reliable and trustworthy services. We are actively addressing these scamming activities and enhancing our security measures to prevent future incidents. Remember, we will never request payment without providing a proper quotation and confirmation. Thank you for your attention and cooperation in ensuring the safety of our customers.

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